When you arrive in the UK, you will not be allowed to leave the place you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK (known as ‘self-isolating’).
This is because it can take up to 14 days for coronavirus symptoms to appear.

In England, if you do not self-isolate, you can be fined £1,000.  If you do not provide an accurate contact details declaration (or do not update it in the limited circumstances in which you are permitted to move), you can be fined up to £3,200.

The only exceptions are if you arrive from the "Common Travel Area":

  • elsewhere in the UK;
  • the Republic of Ireland;
  • the Channel Islands; or
  • the Isle of Man.

The 'Dublin Double' exception has also been closed:

If you arrive in the UK and have been outside the Common Travel Area within the last 14 days, then you will need to self-isolate for the remainder of the 14-day period, starting from when you arrived in the Common Travel Area.


  • You should self-isolate in one place for the full 14 days;
  • You can have food and other necessities delivered;
  • You should not have visitors, including friends and family, unless they are providing essential care;
  • The only friends and family you can have contact with are those who travelled with you, or, if you are staying with friends and family, them;
  • You cannot go to work, or school, or visit public areas;
  • You should not go shopping - you must have it delivered or ask friends or relatives to help out;
  • In England, you can only exercise within your home and garden.  
  • You cannot leave home to walk your dog.  You must seek help.

Your household

The people you live with do not need to stay at home, unless they travelled with you.  You should avoid contact with them, however, and minimise the time you spend in shared spaces.

If you can, you should use a separate bathroom from the rest of the household. Make sure you use separate towels.

Ending Quarantine

If you do not have Coronavirus symptoms after 14 days, you may stop self-isolating.

If you have any of the following symptoms, however, you should continue to self-isolate at home and apply for a test:

  • new continuous cough
  • high temperature
  • loss or change to your sense of smell or taste

You must then self-isolate for a further 7 days from the point at which you developed those symptoms.

See the full quarantine guidance here:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): how to self-isolate when you travel to the UK
Sets out how to self-isolate when you arrive in the UK. You will not be allowed to leave the place you’re staying for the first 14 days you’re in the UK.

There is a list of exemptions, principally relating to those who work in travel, freight, government, broadcasting and certain specialist vocations:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): travellers exempt from border rules in the UK
This guidance explains who will be exempt from new border rules in the UK introduced due to coronavirus.