This evening, the Prime Minister updated the nation on progress towards Step 2 of the opening-up after lockdown.

The 5 Tests

When looking at the 5 Tests:

  1. NHS - this is being met.
  2. Consistent fall in death rates - this is being met.
  3. Consistent decline in the number of people catching coronavirus - this is being met.
  4. Operational (Testing Capacity & PPE) - this is being met.
  5. No risk of second peak - this is different in different parts of the UK.

From 1st June

Up to 6 people will be able to meet outside, provided those from different households continue to observe the 2m social distancing rule (even if you are family).

In addition, people will be able to meet in private gardens and other private outdoor spaces (presently, only permitted in parks and public outdoor spaces).

  • Nurseries, early years settings and reception will reopen
  • Year 1 will reopen
  • Year 6 will reopen
  • Outdoor retail (markets) will reopen
  • Car showrooms will reopen

NB: Anyone currently shielding must continue to do so.

From 15th June

  • Secondary schools will begin face-to-face time for years 10 and 12
  • Other shops that are Covid-19 Secure will be able to reopen (provided the 5 tests above are still being satisfied)

And, a general disclaimer:

And I have to warn you, there will be further local outbreaks. So we will monitor carefully, we will put on the brakes as required, and where necessary, we will re-impose measures. It’s important to be clear about that up front.

See the full release here:

PM press conference statement on the five tests: 28 May 2020
Prime Minister Boris Johnson gave an update on progress against each of the five tests.